A Smile isn’t just a Smile….

What do the following acronyms all have in common?

  • PMA – Positive Mental Attitude
  • LOA – Law of Attraction
  • LOL – Laughing out Loud
  • and we can go on and on of course

From my perspective… the common denominator is the “smile”!  How can you do any of these without having a smile on your face? 

In order to have a Positive Mental Attitude one needs to be positive, right?  And to be positive, one needs to show not only yourself but others that you have more of a personality than a wet paper towel.  This would include smiling from the inside… as well as the facial expression.  Last night on So You Think You Can Dance, there were so many exceptional dancers who made it on to Vegas for the semi-final rounds.  But – as incredible as this one dancer was – the judges cut him because he showed no emotion on his face!  He didn’t show the judges or the audience any passion, which made his performance dull and lack-luster.  Imagine how far he would have gone in the competition if he had just “smiled”?

Now the Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like” or “we create that which we focus our attention on”.  So if we are focusing on something with a frown on our face – what do you think you will draw to you?  What kind of energy do you think is resonating out into the proverbial Universe?  And if you are focusing on the same thought – but with a smile on your face – what do you think you will attract?

Then there is the quintessential Laughing Out Loud which has become a mainstay of the pop culture.  I know I use it everywhere – text messages, IM’s, Facebook, Twitter and on and on.  The best part of it is – I SMILE everytime I write it!  It automatically makes my face smile and makes me feel uplifted.

I spoke to a friend in London today who complimented me on my smile, to which he followed up by saying he didn’t like his smile at all.  Being the Pollyanna optimist that I am I told him all he had to do was practice smiling!  I will spare you his reply!  HaHa  He didn’t deter me though!  Like anything else…practice makes perfect!  I’ve cheerfully smiled my whole life even when the circumstances were such that smiling was a challenge. 

It has paid off though because the first thing people notice or compliment me on is my “smile”.  If I was the typical Las Vegas woman (which I’m not) I guess I could be offended that other parts of my anatomy weren’t seen first but I’m actually more flattered that my smile is what draws them into a conversation. 

I believe that a smile tells you a lot about a person.  A bit like a “window to the soul”.  Next time you are out and about – notice the people who are smiling, laughing and expressing the essence of who they are through the emotion on their face.  Happy People Watching!

~ by ConnectTheeDots on October 9, 2009.

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