In the early morning hours ~

Do you ever awake at some un-Godly hour of the morning, toss from side to side for what seems like an eternity…and then finally give in and crawl out from under the covers????

That was me this morning!  I was so warm and toasty but the gnawing chatter in my head wouldn’t leave me alone.  The “committee” just kept going on and on and on about “stuff” that couldn’t wait until a reasonable hour for me to address!

Needless to say…I paid attention…and got my butt out of bed.  As much as I balked, I will admit that it was the best thing I could have done for myself.  The mountains behind the house were still veiled in the dark of night; the house was peaceful and still (except for my cat, Opus, who kept nagging me about his food bowl being empty); and even through the fog, my mind felt sharp and creative.

After my initial steeping of perfectly infused fresh tea and a few minutes of meditative bliss…I found myself drawn to my desk, space heater, computer screen and hot cup of tea with Opus laying lazily at my feet.  I’ve most assuredly accomplished more in the last two hours than I did throughout the many hours of being parked here yesterday.

Yes… I feel it will be a beautiful day here in Vegas…as I watch the various shades of pink light up the sky throughout the valley.  It’s truly a day to fully embrace and be grateful ….even with a few short hours of sleep!


~ by ConnectTheeDots on December 9, 2009.

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