Looking in the Mirror for our Lessons

As I think most of us understand and realize… people come into our lives to teach us life lessons and skills. They are usually a “mirror” for healing that we are needing within ourselves.

Back in the late summer I “called” in a person to work for who taught me a great deal about myself! I thought working for him was going to finally be my “home” and a place I could rest my hat for a while since he allowed me to be creative in using the skills I possess. Wrong! He pushed every button I have….multiple times a day!

I took a step back and asked “what does he have to teach me?” From here I enlisted a good friend of mine, Mary Ligon, as my life/business coach to get to the bottom of the anxieties/frustrations that were bubbling up to the surface as a result of this new “job”.

She began by having me take the Winslow Personality Test. I was shocked to see how low I scored in: Assertiveness, Mental Toughness, Self Control, Self Confidence and Contentment. These were all areas I had been very strong in years ago but the last few years took it’s toll and where I was once “super woman”, I now had become “super wimpy”. She began working with my “core values” and “beliefs”….and after a couple of sessions…I could begin feeling all of these weak areas improving. I was taking control of my life and standing up for myself!! I no longer allowed my boss to talk down to me, manipulate me or bully me. I held fast to my beliefs. So much so that he began saying I was “opinionated”! WOW! That’s a first! But who says that having strong opinions is a bad thing? Doesn’t it truly mean that you believe in yourself enough to not back down the minute there is a little opposition?

Needless to say, my boss (who was all the things that I wasn’t) and I began to see things differently. Even though I knew he respected my expertise, knowledge and ideas…I think he was becoming a little intimidated by the woman who was growing in her self-confidence!

It was the perfect place for me to be for those months…but now I realize that rather than building up someone else’s business it was time to build up my own!

Everything happens for a reason!

~ by ConnectTheeDots on December 9, 2009.

One Response to “Looking in the Mirror for our Lessons”

  1. An interesting and inspiring post, Holly.

    Why do we allow ourselves to be negatively influenced by others? Too often we give people more credence than we give ourselves. I have done it too.

    You are right though, people are there for a reason, experiences are there to teach us something.

    I have also just left my job to work on my own and feel a million times better. My boss is harder now but if I understand him, I understand myself!

    Thank you.

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