Decisions, Decisions and the “Niche” Market

Have you ever had so many choices that you didn’t know what to do?

Bob Proctor once told me that I should follow “my Passion”…and everything else would fall into place.  My problem has been discovering that “one” Passion!  I have so many interests and so many things I enjoy doing!

Unfortunately, my website now reflects my “indecision” because there isn’t one focus for one “niche” market.  I love working creatively on new projects ~ whether it be developing/organizing a conference or expedition to Peru; streamlining an entrepreneur’s business; setting up someone’s social media network; writing one of my three books which have been in the works for years; researching new holistic and fitness practices; meeting new people or exploring the Shamanic Healing Arts which I have been studying for nearly 20 years!  Then of course there is my love of reading, yoga and being in the outdoors!

I guess I could write a book on developing small businesses (using social media marketing and conferencing) through the holistic practices of spiritual growth as I sit in my backyard overlooking the mountains while in meditation!!!  Now that would be a “niche” market!  Don’t you think?

Bottom line…. we have to follow our heart.  With each day that I sit at my desk and write whatever spills off the top of my head, I take one small step closer to my target and passion.

I know what my true passion is just as we all do deep down inside.  It’s now up to me to have the “faith” to accomplish what is in my heart without fear or worry of failure or not creating financial stability for myself.  As Kevin Hall described in his book “Aspire”…we have to “move and act now with all your heart”.  The word for this is “ollin”, which is derived from the ancient Nahuatl language of the Aztecs.  How many times have we tried to “move forward” but in our heart of hearts we weren’t really giving it our “all”?  After reading this a few weeks ago, I realized how many times I have been lack luster in committing to the whole “kit and caboodle”!

It’s been a scary few weeks as this realization has seeped into my life…but it has also been very exciting to inch my way to the edge of the cliff so I could once again “take a leap of faith” and soar high into the unknown of my life’s journey!!  I am now focused on giving everything I do 100% of my efforts – be it building my business, working out, nurturing my friends and family,  or exploring my new relationship!

I challenge each of you to see what areas of your life have been receiving less than 100% of your dedication and attention…then diving feet first….and going “all in”!


~ by ConnectTheeDots on December 10, 2009.

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