Surrender to the Unknown

Easier said than done!

Remember the song “Breaking Up is Hard to Do”?  It’s soooo true.  Whether it be an intimate relationship, ending a longtime friendship which may be limiting both parties or even a business owner who needs to trim costs and let employees go.  It’s all stressful.

In my experience, I have found that communication is KEY… sprinkled with a heavy dose of honesty and truth.  I’m sure we have all dealt with people who either side-stepped the matter completely (thinking if ignored it would just go away) or flat out couldn’t be honest about how they were really feeling.  No matter what, being on the receiving end of such people just “sucks”.

Bottom line is I have to be accountable for my actions and how I respond when I am the one being “dumped”.  Am I going to “react” or am I going to surrender to a Life Lesson of growth, understanding and maturity?  Am I going to take the High Road?  Am I going to have compassion for the other person?  Or am I going to collapse into an emotional puddle?  Well… since I’m not one to get wet and muddy…I’ll be taking the High Road!  (You know…a slight Princess Factor can be a good thing on occasion!)

It’s back to the drawing board…complete with rubber boots and tiara and more yoga/meditation!  ommmmmm

~ by ConnectTheeDots on January 21, 2010.

One Response to “Surrender to the Unknown”

  1. Well, in the past, long ago past, I did the emotional puddle. I think I will take the high road next time. Thanks for the thoughts.

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