Anti-Aging or Aging Gracefully?

Another year, another decade… another “character line” or two!

I returned last night from Atlanta after celebrating my birth for the 53rd time!  My oldest son invited me to join he and his girlfriend for my birthday weekend and it couldn’t have been better.  For four gray, soggy and rainy days we experienced life as if the sun were shining brightly… visiting the neighborhood bakery for cappuccino and authentic conversation at a community table; walking everywhere we wanted to go rather than jumping in a car for transportation; visiting the High Museum of Art – taking in the Leonardi di Vinci and John Portman exhibits; and playing Monopoly and drinking wine as my son kicked our butts buying enough houses and hotels to rival Trump.  We enjoyed each others company – talking, laughing and sharing our lives through old photos and stories.

The exercise, fresh (even though wet) air, laughter and communication with love are the best anti-aging activities one can do in my opinion!  Of course – there are a multitude of other things one should do to increase your quality of life such as proper nutrition and supplentation, preventive medicine, fulfilling your Spirit through meditation or other stress relieving processes and having a great doctor in your corner who looks for health “risks” or signs of health challenges for your individual needs.

I’m fortunate to have Dr Simong Youmans, Elite Med Spa, in Henderson, NV., who leads my TEAM for anti-aging!  She comes from the world of emergency rooms whereby she experienced first hand the “band aid” approach to our “practice of medicine” now-a-days.  She stepped outside the typical “medical box”…and opened her own center for preventive Health and Wellness, working hand in hand with her patients to improve their body and minds.  She wants the absolute best for her patients, always researching and exploring new options in order to “nip things in the bud” before they become a problem!

She is always on the cutting edge in regards to Hormone Replacement Therapy using compounded bio-identical hormones, low glycemic eating plans, more accurate testing for hormones, thyroid and toxins/fungus’ in our body… as well as she is a gifted artist if you are interested in giving Mother Nature a little “boost” with fillers, laser, fat loss and more!

I will openly admit that even though I have chosen a healthier than normal lifestyle (including my red wine anti-oxidants)…I have also included a bit of Dr Youmans “magic” for a little boost here or there!  Yes – I have become a little vain as I’ve “matured” but I figure as long as its tempered with common sense, then I should be just fine.

I’ve chosen to fool Mother Nature as long as possible into thinking I am still in my early 40’s…. in healthy and graceful ways…rather than throwing in the towel by way of sitting on my butt lounging on the couch and eating bag after bag of chips!

So today I choose to eat and drink that which serves renewing my cells for one more day….

Unless of course, someone offers me a Godiva Grand Marnier Truffle!

In-Joy your Day!

~ by ConnectTheeDots on January 26, 2010.

One Response to “Anti-Aging or Aging Gracefully?”

  1. Good for you, Holly…like your thinking…..and your choice of Doctor.

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