The Attitude of Gratitude

We all have those days when it feels as though the sky is falling.  I had one of those days yesterday.  It feels as though you are in the middle of a busy highway and the cars and trucks keep running over you before you can even get back on your feet!  Your heart is racing; you have trouble breathing, let alone engaging the thought process; your mind goes blank; and there appears to be concrete shoes on your feet!

Whether we have been on a path of self discovery and awakening for a long time or are complete newbies… we can easily forget what we know when we are in the middle of such debilitating events.  My “event” revolved around lawyers and the “due process” of law.  Needless to say, after tens of thousands of dollars down the toilet, I am no where closer to a resolution than I started!  I fired my lawyers and decided to meet this head on by myself.  The worst that could happen is I will someday be making new friends at the county jail!!  LOL  (I’m joking here!)

Anyway… to say there were “seeds of doubt” being planted left and right would be an understatement.  I called my girlfriend, Mary Ligon, (and thankfully an awesome NLP Coach) from the floor of my bedroom… tears running down my cheeks and telephone.  She calmly talked me through what the “worst could happen” scenario would be…. and I promised to take the first action step to “un-freeze”.  Sometimes all we can do is ONE tiny thing….but it takes us out of the stuck place….and helps us put one foot in front of the other.  With her coaching and words in my head throughout the rest of the day, I was able to become proactive.  I had some small “successes” into the evening and went to sleep feeling closer to normal (lol…whatever that may be).

This morning as I checked my emails and messages…I was “guided” to an old business acquaintance, Diane Armitage, on LinkedIn, who through her blog, led me to a dear mentor of mine’s blog, Bob Proctor.  It was here that I received the familiar message of being in GRATITUDE.

Bob’s words reminded me to be grateful every day, throughout the day, for everything in my life currently and all that I want to bring into my life (of course, Bob will tell you it is already here…we just have to show gratitude for it).

I began writing in a journal of the things I was grateful for by 9 am….and the list was already quite long!  For instance, I was grateful to:  sleep 7 hours (whoo hoo!); awaken refreshed and ready to conquer the day; that Opus (my cat) allowed me to sleep past 6; a very sweet and uplifting email from a gentleman I didn’t even know; finding Bob Proctor’s new blog – ; and making it a 3rd day without coffee!

Sometimes, it’s being appreciative for the little things throughout our day…which then lead to peace in our heart and mind.

I wish you all peace and gratitude today!


~ by ConnectTheeDots on February 9, 2010.

One Response to “The Attitude of Gratitude”

  1. Hi Holly,

    I’m grateful that I found your blog. The thing about appreciating things is that they appreciate. It connects us to the good in everything, which brings the good in everything back to us.

    I like to write appreciation lists too when things get a little haywire and more importantly when things are going smoothly.

    Luv your cat’s name 😉

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