Valentine’s Day and YOU

Yes, yes…it’s the most romantic day of the year…if you are a “couple”.  For those of us who are not presently experiencing “coupledom”, it can be a little challenging to go out in public with all the “hoopla” surrounding this day of love.

Of course, it’s up to each of us to determine how we will “perceive” this day.  Will our glass be half empty or half full?

I choose “full”!  Not just half way, but all the way to the top of the glass and spilling over!  I began my day waking to the light peaking over the mountains…and my 4 legged Valentine, Opus, giving me a gentle nudge on the cheek with his paw (ever so softly).  Sure – I would have preferred a wonderful partner of the male persuasion caressing my face but since this wasn’t an option in 2010… I celebrated by wishing myself a loving day!  For me!

Today isn’t much different than most other days in that I have learned to take care of myself EVERY day with random acts of kindness….not just one or two days of the year!  I did treat myself with a rich organic coffee brewed in my French press… a yummy protein shake with fresh strawberries…. writing in my journal and a soothing meditation this morning.  It’ll be a day of creativity at my desk writing…. reading…exploring new information on the web… topped off by an invigorating walk with my roommates dog in the crisp, fresh air under the blue skies of Vegas!  And this is all before mid afternoon!

I have yet to determine this evenings festivities for my “party of one”…but I guarantee that I will be creating continued fullness in an already rich life.

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be celebrated once a year!  It should be celebrated every single day – for yourself and as a couple.  Show you, your partner, family, friends and business associates how special they are EVERY day!

Gotta run ~ the dog is chomping to head out the door for our walk!



~ by ConnectTheeDots on February 15, 2010.

One Response to “Valentine’s Day and YOU”

  1. Great message live life, and love those in your life.and for those that are single well the video says it all.

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