Social Media Marketing ~ what is it exactly?

Over the past 10 months I seem to have stumbled into Social Media Marketing as an offshoot of what I have been doing for years in the regular marketing and business world.  I have always loved to network…and years ago when people asked what I did…I replied with “I connect people”.  A few years ago (before I even knew what social media marketing was) I created my business – Connect Thee Dots.  Yes, it’s a “thee”, cuz “the” was taken!  Sounds kinda quirky anyway… a little like me!

As I’ve begun working with several clients, I’ve found it’s quite an educational process for the client as well as myself.  Most of the population thinks it’s all about “how many people can I get following me or on my friend’s list?”  This attitude may be true if you are the casual user but for a business it’s about developing a “community” of followers, clients, partners, etc.  What can YOU do for them?   The goal is to develop a forum for people to receive an education on your service or product, along with tips of the day, a joke to get them through the “hump” day, updates on events or new services…and for them to develop a “rapport” with you and your business?

Ask yourself:  what can YOU provide to the new user or current clientele which will keep them coming back to your Fan Page or Blog or to follow you on Twitter?

If you have done your due diligence by honing who your Ideal Client is along with who your niche market is… then you have the “emotional” keys to what they perceive as “dynamic value”.

You, as a business owner, want a CLEAR VISION of who you want to sell to!  Once you have this, a network of free marketing vehicles such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, Delicious and on and on…can be connected (correctly I might add) to expose you to new clients.

It’s an exciting and brave new world in marketing these days ~ allowing for creativity, building relationships and promoting your product at the same time!

Come join the fun and get on board the Social Media train!



~ by ConnectTheeDots on February 16, 2010.

One Response to “Social Media Marketing ~ what is it exactly?”

  1. I think that you may have figured out which came first .and I am
    impressed by what I have read on your profile thus far keep up the good work ,and continue to inspire while enjoying life.

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