Your Infinite Potential with Bob Proctor

I seem to be technology challenged at the moment!   I tried to post Bob Proctor’s YouTube video here (Amazing Bob Proctor talks about Infinite Potential)… but it didn’t want to upload correctly!  Ugh…ok, ok, maybe it’s me… So I apologize for your having to cut and past to see the video!


I put Bob’s words to the test the last 48 hours… hitting what I thought was rock bottom….until I remembered his words from my studying with him in his programs years ago…. “do what you’re passionate about…and everything will fall into place”.

As I was drifting off to sleep, I remembered 17 years ago when my husband at the time told me our marriage was over.  I didn’t know Bob yet, but somehow even after being fired from our business and lawyers cutting off my income from our business…I found a deep passion within that spurred me on to build my own business from the gorgeous horse farm I owned outside of Atlanta, GA.  I had two young sons depending on me and I wasn’t going to let them down.

Once I made up my mind as to what it was that I wanted to do (build a business from the farm that would allow me to continue being available to my sons without putting them in daycare)… then the pieces did begin falling into place.  Out of the blue I would be introduced to someone…and they led me to someone or something else.  All I had to do was keep focused on the goal and following the clues that were being sent to me.  What developed was a wonderful center for spiritual growth, including people who are now leaders in the Shamanic Healing community and well known authors.

As long as I stayed focused on what my passion was…the growth continued… but as life sometimes has it, I veered off track with a second marriage and life.  I forgot about MY passions in life.  The marriage came and went; my sons are grown and have their own lives and I am now finding myself at the beginning again.

So…as I lay in bed looking out over the shadow of the mountains…I remembered this time and knew I could re-build my life once again.  All I had to do was go back to my passions!  I have infinite possibilities before me….

They have changed now but so have I…being more complex, with a richness and compassion that only comes with experience.

As my blog matures along with my wisdom – I look forward to sharing what I have learned along the way as well as my day to day adventures, “ah ha” moments and new skills!

Make it your best day!  In-Joy!


~ by ConnectTheeDots on February 19, 2010.

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