Road Warrior Princess Blogging Thru the Desert

Needless to say, I had a wild hair last week and decided I was going to take a quick road trip to visit friends in Arizona for 3 days this week!  Now, after the first day, I sit here in my little hotel room in Tuscon, sipping French pressed organic coffee as I think about yesterday’s marvels!

As I left Las Vegas, crossing the Hoover Damn, the new bridge was overwhelming in it’s stature and inspiring in it’s design!  What kind of minds had the ability to think such a marvel, let alone bring it to fruition?  It spans the gorge of the Colorado River…and bungee jumpers along with other extreme sports enthusiasts have got to be drooling at the possibilities for adrenaline rushes!

After marveling at such a spectacle though…once I crossed the damn and stopped at the overlook…it was equally disturbing to see how low Lake Mead is now.  It has to be at least 100′ below the level when I first arrived in LV 13 years ago.  The damn on the lake side looked ghostly, as the concrete was exposed, showing structures that would never have been seen before.  I overheard a woman asking her friend why the lake was so low and I couldn’t contain myself a moment longer… responding with “it’s low because of drought, global warming, too many people being wasteful with water, pollution…”  Her comment back was “ok, ok…. I get it…no need for more”.  But it’s this “stick your head in the sand” mentality that is causing us to lose our precious resources and natural environments!  People don’t understand that every one of their wasteful actions has an impact on our beautiful land!

Sorry for the rant…. but as I drive through the beautiful Arizona desert viewing the saguara cactus reaching to the skies, the wildflowers dotting the hillsides, and the hawks soaring overhead…it makes me sad to realize just how many people are unable to see the beauty around them.  Most people would pass through the valleys I have on this trip and only see a brown, desolate expanse of nothing…anxious to hurry on to their destination.

Stop and smell the roses (and wildflowers) along the way my friends!  You never know what gift may present itself to you!

I’ve received so many gifts already in the space of the last 24 hours – beautiful landscapes; fresh honey purchased at Rosie’s Bar and Grill (cool biker bar between Hoover Damn and Kingman with pancakes that spill over your plate!); hawks waving their respect overhead; saguaro cactus dotting the hillsides with majestic fanfare; purple, orange and yellow flowers soaking up the sun; unexpected friends popping up on Facebook and asking me to stop to see them along the way… and on and on!

I am in constant amazement at the beauty of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other Social Media channels!  It has re-connected me to so many people I’ve known and befriended along my life’s journey!

For those of you who haven’t yet realized the networking importance of Social Media, let me tell you this… it’s not about games, adding fish to your aquarium, Mafia Wars and farm animals…but it IS all about RELATIONSHIPS – whether they are new or old!!!

I have re-kindled old friendships from High School, made new friends from around the world, met new clients, and stayed in touch with friends I’ve met along my journey!  There are endless possibilities!

I’m off for day 2 of adventure!  I can’t wait to see what the day has in store for me – Connecting more Dots!



~ by ConnectTheeDots on April 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Road Warrior Princess Blogging Thru the Desert”

  1. You know .. it’s true, many don’t see the beauty around them but through your words they can come to know it and at the very least just maybe take a second glance! xx

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