Be Careful What You Ask For

We’ve all heard the many quotes from people regarding our thoughts becoming reality… whether it comes from Buddha, Wayne Dyer or Bob Proctor (Law of Attraction).  Most people don’t really “get” the big picture though!

The following is one example that we wouldn’t necessarily consider when talking about the Law of Attraction…

Over the holidays I did my fair share of drinking a wee bit too much wine, eating things that normally are not in my healthy food “choices” and putting off the discipline of exercise each day.  After the first of the year I did as most Americans do and swore to get my toned and “lighter” body back.  Each day I seemed to find an excuse not to take my walk or go to the gym.  I even “created” a broken toe a few weeks ago so that I would have a feeble excuse for “why” I wasn’t walking/hiking/etc.

I kept saying to myself “I wish I had something to really motivate me and MAKE me get my lazy butt into a routine!”

Well… let me tell you…the Universe did exactly that this past Saturday!!

My friend from California and I were having an incredible hike through Cave Canyon and up the Spring Mountain… and I thought “this is just the kick start I needed to get back into a routine”.  Of course, I had said this several times already over the last couple of months.  I guess the Universe decided to do “one better” in order to REALLY keep me on track!

One mile from the trailhead, as we were nearing more level ground… my friend slipped on loose rock… I looked up… and just as I did, I stepped on a medium sized rock which caused my ankle to go sideways!  Before I knew it, I was sitting on my butt and felt my ankle swelling.  I’m so grateful to have had ankle high hiking boots on.  I swear it kept my fibula from breaking completely.  David got me up and helped me hop 50′ or so before I told him to deposit me on a boulder and go down to the horse back riding facility – – to get help.

Within 30 minutes two of the sweetest cowboys came around the bend with an extra horse to carry me back to the parking area.  One was an EMT and the other a paramedic!  Lucky me!  But when I asked where the tequila was they laughed and said that wasn’t in their kit!  I thought all good cowboys had whiskey of some sort in their saddle bag!  They took great care in getting me on the horse…down the trail…and delivered back to my friend.  They lifted me off the horse and set me directly in the truck with such tenderness and politeness.

It was off to the emergency room… in good spirits… meeting wonderful nurses, doctors, and employees at San Martin Hospital in Las Vegas… then home to my roommates, David making dinner, drinking a little vino… and last but not least – becoming “friends” with my crutches!

I have affectionately begun calling each day Crutches Boot Camp!  I am now being “forced” to work out!!!  OMG – I feel like I have been working out with Jillian Michaels from Biggest Loser!  My biceps, triceps, pecs, abs, butt, quads and more are screaming!  So YES….the Universe, with it’s warped sense of humor, put me in a situation whereby I couldn’t come up with anymore lame excuses to not get in shape!

In 6-8 weeks time, I should have killer definition in my upper body, butt and right leg!  I just have to figure out how to get some sort of definition in the left butt and leg so as to not look like a freak when the cast comes off!  haha

So… as you can see… I was asking to get in shape…but not listening very well… and the Universe provided the motivation I needed!

Therefore, my suggestion is:  be careful how you “talk” to yourself and others…cuz someone or something is “listening” and will deliver!  LOL



~ by ConnectTheeDots on April 13, 2010.

4 Responses to “Be Careful What You Ask For”

  1. Hi Holly,

    You sure titled this post correct. I hope you’re feeling better and aren’t in too much pain. The cast doesn’t even look like fun. But…you are getting that workout you wanted.

    Your story reminds me of one of our daughters. She was saying how she had never had a broken bone and wondered how it would feel. Well, ask and you shall receive. When she was about 8 months pregnant she broke her thumb. Not only was she in misery with a big tummy, but her thumb added to it. After that, she said she was going to be a lot more careful what she wished for. 🙂

    By the way, I like you blog. Thank you for stopping by mine and commenting. That’s how I found you. Don’t you love how that works?

  2. Hi Holly
    “triceps, pecs, abs, butt, quads” you sound like a pro body builder.
    I know what you mean about the odd glass of wine. Trouble is, it soon mounts up.
    I’ve only just worked out what the photo is, it’s your poorly ankle ahhhhh.
    Hope you stay motivated and by the way… don’t forget your delts. LOL

    • I apologize for my reply taking so long! It’s been crazy to say the least. Thanks for following and reading my blog from across the Pond. My intention is to make it part of my daily practice. In-Joy! (btw – never a pro bodybuilder but I’ve done my share… 🙂

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