A Time For Healing

It’s hard to believe I haven’t posted a blog for nearly 7 weeks… but all I can say is…this is what my body wanted and needed.  I spent the first 5 weeks mostly hobbling on my crutches from my bed to my office to my little frig in the living room (I mostly just set up headquarters for daily living on my bed though!)  It took nearly 5 days to get the hang of balancing on one leg while trying to maneuver crutches here, there and everywhere!  You have no idea how much we do with our hands/arms until we are unable to use them to carry even the simplest thing like your morning coffee!!!  Eeeeeekkkkk!

My morning brew became a very special routine to say the least…all of which was planned around getting my darling cat Opus his insulin shot and morning meal.  Have you ever tried to brush the cobwebs out of your head, steady yourself on crutches and dodge a determined and hungry cat at 6:00 am?  Believe me – it’s not easy!  Opus made sure to let me know I wasn’t going near fast enough for his liking, which would slow things down rather than speed them up!

As I prepared his shot I would also prepare my organic coffee in the French Press.  The steeping time was almost the perfect # of minutes it took for me to hobble my way back to feed and administer to Opus.  Upon returning, the aroma would begin to soothe my soul as I poured it lovingly into my oh-so-favorite Starbuck’s mug.  Once the perfect amount of cream and raw honey were added… I began the process of moving my priceless cup of Joe from one surface to another…inching my way over to the couch whereby I could collapse into the cushions, prop my foot on pillows, turn the Today Show on….and grasp my warm mug in hand…savoring that first mouth watering sip of pure gold!  Ahhhhhh!

And this was only the first hour of my day!!!  haha

~ by ConnectTheeDots on June 1, 2010.

One Response to “A Time For Healing”

  1. So glad that you are back on your feet, literally. You might want to get working on that book of yours. You are very talented in your writing. This is a particularly difficult time for me. Three people that I know have cancer, some being close to my age. Another relative was just diagnoised with Alzheimers. Life is so finite.

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