Being “On Target”

On April 10th of this year (2010) I fractured my left ankle.  I have barely written a word since that time.  Instead, I have been re-evaluating my life and what I want for the second half of this journey into the unknown.

Being laid up for over 6 weeks in bed was something new for me.  My whole life has been filled with all sorts of activity – be it sports, my horse farm, raising my sons who are now 25 and 28, raising “husbands”, building businesses, delving into my personal spiritual journey or any of a hundred other “things”.  This “forced” stillness created a space for me to truly delve deeper into my own personal “unknown”…. and I didn’t necessarily like everything I saw.

If I look at my injury from the perspective of symbolism it would seem that my life was “fractured” in three different areas of the feminine (our left side).  With further examination I realized that my life was also out of balance in three areas ~ how I view myself, what I “think” I should be doing with my life, and what was actually happening.  I see that everything was scattered all over the board with no congruency!!  It’s no wonder I haven’t been able to stay on target!

It dawned on me that the shooting gallery bulls eye that I have as the center of my Vision Board has been cluttered and nearly covered up with misc photos, clippings, verses, etc which are also disjointed with no common thread!  How can I have a business called Connect Thee Dots when none of the dots are in alignment???  Oh my!

Yesterday, a hummingbird was flitting here, there and everywhere in my backyard.  She normally visits me as I sit drinking my coffee each morning on my balcony…tasting from the flowers blooming in the pots…giving me a welcoming “hello”,

but today her movement was scattered.  Now I see how she was a mirror for what was going on within myself.

Therefore, this week I will be re-focusing on my WHY (my true passion)…wiping the slate clean…and committing to staying focused and “on target” with my soul’s true vision.

I would like to plant a seed for each of you to do the same if you feel called to visit this same scenario…

I wish you the very best today and everyday!  In-Joy!

Photo courtesy of Marque Kelsey

~ by ConnectTheeDots on July 6, 2010.

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