Weaving the Threads of Time

We are all weavers in one way or another.  Each morning we wake and begin a new day…and whether we are conscious of it or not, we are “weaving” the threads of our past, present and future in each and every moment.

Do you think you may “weave” your day differently if you were more conscious of the thoughts, words and actions you spewed out into the Universe?  What if you could take a step back from any given situation and take a look at it from a higher vantage point?  Many times we allow our emotions or ego to trip us up with the rationalization that we must defend ourselves or stand up for our rights.

Over the last 6-9 months I have been humbled and brought to my knees through a frivolous lawsuit brought against me (by my ex no less!).  By law, I have to defend myself.  I can’t ignore it even if I no longer have the funds for a lawyer to represent me.  What other choice do we have then but to represent ourselves?  NONE!

In working with a friend who is a Coach and NLP Trainer, Mary Ligon, I began to realize that I have never stood up for myself or had anyone really stand up for me.  Therefore, this was a valuable learning tool if I used it correctly.  During this journey I learned to stand before the Judge and speak my truth in pre-trial hearings; learned to file motions with the County Clerks; how to prepare responses; and even learned how to count to 10 after getting the run-around from government employees saying they couldn’t help or give legal advice!  Grrrrrr…. so how then are people to get help in defending themselves if they can’t get answers to valuable questions???

Even getting Legal Aid takes an act of Congress!  You have to take a class before you can even fill out a form requesting help…and then it takes several more months because the system is so overwhelmed!

I’ve paid more taxes over the years than 4 people combined…yet when I actually need help… I couldn’t get it!

Can you hear the frustration?

Anyway… when I could quiet my mind through meditation…I took the opportunity to look at my situation from a higher perspective.  As more and more was requested of me in the last two weeks, I asked myself “why do I continue to do this?”  My first response was “because I have to see this thing through”… then I realized that I had a choice here.  I meditated more and asked for spiritual guidance.  Last week an answer was delivered in the form of a wonderful “solo” legal professional.  He was referred by a friend and as he and I talked he suggested an alternative to going to trial.  Of course, it meant my setting aside my need for things to be fair and right…and required my doing something which was the right path for my health, spirit and mental well being.  Not an easy task.  After discussing the options for several hours I finally agreed to the course of action he suggested.  I was at peace and the years of stress melted away almost instantly.  It was the first peaceful sleep I had had in years.

What is the saying – “what we resist, will persist”?  Well… it is SO true!

I did learn to “stand up for myself” and “speak my truth”… but once the lessons were learned I no longer needed the legal action as my teacher.  Resolution is now unfolding nicely… with ease and grace…and I am able to move forward with my life rather than remaining in that awful state of limbo.

Sometimes we need to “re-weave” our tapestry, creating a new and meaningful pattern which will resonate and carry out our Soul’s Purpose.

Is there something in your life that could use a little “re-weaving” from a different vantage point?


photo of a Peruvian woman weaving – by Nicole Kristin Gabriel

~ by ConnectTheeDots on July 12, 2010.

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