Up a Creek Without a Paddle?

How many times have we heard someone say something “similar”?  How often have you felt like this?

In addition to my own “lost” feelings the last few weeks, I spoke with two friends this morning on the subject.  From all that I have observed over the years along with the quickening of events worldwide, it seems there are many hurdling down the rapids or stuck in an eddy with no true direction.  We have set sail into the unknown.  Even worse still… it seems that those of us with so much passion for others have actually lost our passion and sense of where we are to go.  It’s a lot like stepping into a pitch black room and being disoriented…not knowing which way to turn.

So – what do we do to move through the eddy, regain our course or find our way out of the dark?

I’ve always been good with manifesting my needs and desires.  Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.  Seems simple, right?  Lately I’ve been learning to “do less” and delve deeper into my inner core….searching the cracks and crevices of my soul for the bits and pieces of Life which mean the most.  Rather than looking for activities to “do” over the Labor Day weekend…. I chose to stay home – working in the garden, pruning trees and shrubbery to promote their growth, sipping coffee on the patio in the early morning hours and sharing the peacefulness with my cat and roommates dog.  There was no “hurry” to be anywhere or “do” anything.  I just was… in the moment.

I’ve spent years taking care of others – raising children and husbands; providing support to friends or family in need; fixing other people’s problems or circumstances; only to realize in the end that it was rarely appreciated unless the person I was helping REALLY wanted it for themselves.  I always thought I was helping because that’s the way I was raised.   Now I understand how I was enabling more than being of help.  I also wasn’t taking care of my needs because I was focused on others.  Since this realization I’ve been working to be supportive while allowing others to fix their own circumstance.  This has been difficult to say the least as I’ve struggled with the feeling of being “selfish”.  In the end, those I’ve cared enough for to allow them their journey… have been very thankful to have me in their corner, rather than running the show for them.  It’s been a win/win all around with everyone learning the lessons which were intended by a much higher source (and it wasn’t moi!)

With this in mind, how do we learn to slow down and take in the scenery without feeling the anxiety society places on us about always “doing”, “attaining” or “being better” than the next guy ~ thus allowing us to heal and move forward?

Start with whatever feels comfortable to you:

  • It may be hitting the gym or a yoga class
  • Playing a round of golf to focus on the little white ball
  • Taking a run or bike ride where you can be alone with your thoughts
  • Maybe it’s reading a book that will make you think like Elizabeth Lesser’s “Broken Open”
  • Journaling what’s in your heart and mind daily
  • Simply sitting on the patio or balcony with a cup of coffee or tea breathing in the fresh morning air and communing with the hummingbird who stops by for a visit
  • Discovering new and re-connecting with old friends on Facebook
  • Volunteering at an animal shelter or nursing home
  • Or a million other simple acts of kindness – for yourself and others

The main thing is to pick one and just BEGIN… ANYWHERE…and go from there!  It’s the Journey ~ smell the roses along the way!

In-Joy ~

~ by ConnectTheeDots on September 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “Up a Creek Without a Paddle?”

  1. Beautifully written! Love this post!

  2. Hi Hilly
    Like all your suggestions but I’d go with hitting the gym, or more correctly, my own modest bench and weights at home.

    Also like the idea of a walk – I always come up with good ideas when I’m walking.

    Hope you get through your eddy and into that glorious blue still water – keep paddling.

    BTW – love the cat

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