Dreams ~ Illusion vs Reality

Dreaming has always been an integral piece to my personal development and processing of what life brings to my journey.

The last four days of February brought a flood of hidden emotions to the surface of my psyche.  After an intense trip to NYC for family business I returned home to collapse from mental, emotional and physical exhaustion… cocooning into the safety of my “nest”.  On the third day of March I awoke to the most intense dream…full of details, colors, verbal and non-verbal communication, laughter and physical senses.  The dream continued to run through my mind for hours after being fully alert ~

Dream:  I was with a very special friend who was driving my car down a city street (yet the street was 20-30’below the surface as if in a narrow canyon).  As we rode along, we talked, laughed, shared our lives.  The chatter was light and energetic and fun.  Out of the blue he shared with me how his friend’s ex wife had just been released from prison… and then we were back to more lively conversation.  The next minute… the car slowed and bumped gently into a huge dump truck that came out of nowhere.  It was just parked in the middle of the road.  My friend exited our car to check for damage to my bumper but there wasn’t a scratch… It only blocked our moving forward.  There was an increased energy between us… and a deep knowing of how we felt… but we were halted in the middle of the road regardless.  Then I awoke!

A week later the dream is still as vibrant to me as it was that morning, yet as my life has unfolded I understand how pieces of the dream correlate to what is happening in my life:  the relationship between two people (or even two sides of the same person) hidden below the surface of consciousness; the flow of energy blocked by a stalled out yet movable object;  the intense chemistry between two people – seemingly out of control yet unable to move forward; and the ever so popular cliche “a bump in the road”!  lol

During this morning’s meditation practice…my mind went back to this dream.  I was drawn into the concept of two people meeting and “falling out of control”.  Is this what it is like when people describe “falling in love” when their knees go weak at the mere thought of the other person?  Do their normally rational thoughts have no control in this situation?  And how do they react to such feelings?  Do they allow the fear of this “unknown” factor in the equation of life to “block” their exploring the capabilities of finding true love?  Or do they embrace something so out of the ordinary as this once in a lifetime feeling – following the thread to see where it may lead them?

I used to be a very type A personality.  I held the “reins” of life tightly…never relinquishing control…but then the reins were ripped from my grip by circumstances “beyond” my control.  At first it was devastating.  Then I began to understand the journey I was to begin traveling.  My self discovery involved learning to ride the currents of the unknown; releasing judgment, attachment and expectations.  It has been an adventurous 17 years to date but one roller coaster ride worth every minute as I look back and see how far I have come.  That fateful August day in 1993 was the best thing to ever happen to me.

Every single person who has entered my life ~ whether for a moment, a day, a week or longer ~ have brought something very special to me.  I am so grateful for the priceless mementos throughout the years.  Many were fleeting nuggets of wisdom to learn….while others will be nestled in the recesses of my heart to revisit as the need arises, bringing remembrances of love and caring.

It’s been a while since I have written as I felt “blocked”….but it appears I’ve maneuvered  around the blockage in the road now!

Be adventurous today ~ take a step into the unknown and see where it may lead you!

Namaste my friends ~ In-Joy!


~ by ConnectTheeDots on March 9, 2011.

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