Only You Hold The Key ~

“Beauty and Truth are lost without the courage to hold them.  But one pair of hands can grip too hard, so that the precious slips through the fingers.  Loss and pain, sorrow and will, blaze the rough path through the forest.  Along the journey there is blood, and there is the death of innocence and the ghosts of what might have been.

Each time the path forks, it is faith that chooses the way or doubt that blocks it.  is it despair, or will it be joy?  Can there be fulfillment without risk of loss?  Will it be an end, or a beginning?  Will you move into the light, or return to the dark?

Fear hunts, and its arrow strikes heart, mind, belly.  Without tending, wounds fester, and scars too long ignored harden into shields that block the eyes from what needs most to be seen.

Where does the goddess stand, her sword in hand, willing to fight each battle in its time?  Willing, too, to lay down the sword when the time comes for peace.  Find her, know her power, her faith, and her valiant heart.  For when you look on her at last, you will have the key to free her.  And you will find it on a path where no door will ever be locked against you.”  excerpt from Nora Roberts book “Key of Knowledge”

I thought I was picking up a “summer read” for the warm weather arriving here in Las Vegas but received much more than pure entertainment.  This excerpt comes from the last page of the second book in Nora Roberts Key Trilogy… and it caused more personal “questions” to arise than the typical sexy beach read could ever possess!

I began asking myself questions such as ~

  • If I hold the “key” for myself, why do I give it (power) over to others so easily?
  • Do I really know my own “truth”?
  • And if so, why don’t I trust it like I should?
  • Why do I trust others beliefs/perceptions over my own?
  • Why is it so hard for me to stand my ground and believe in my truth/convictions?
  • And on and on…

All of this from a romance novel trilogy!!!  It just goes to show we can learn from any circumstance, lesson, book or person put in our path.  It’s up to us to find the “key” to the meaning and how it is intended to impact our life.

I think this is one novel I may have to read again…this time with a highlighter in hand!

In-Joy!  Holly

~ by ConnectTheeDots on March 31, 2011.

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