Choosing Passion Over the Mundane

The sun tiptoes over the mountain ~ casting a bright yellow glow across the desert landscape… an interesting reflection of my life if I use it as an analogy.

Since my arrival in Las Vegas 14 years ago I have seen how the “light” in me has slowly dimmed with each passing year.  The passion I once enjoyed on my tranquil farm in Georgia was edged out as slowly as watching the grass grow.  So slowly in fact, I have only recently come to understand the extent of my loss.

I made a conscious effort 6 months ago to do “whatever it took” to make a change.   I felt lifeless inside even though from the outside no one would guess.  Can anyone relate?  Did the things that once stirred you appear to have dulled your once excited heart?

With each drive to Arizona this year I’ve felt my Spirit and excitement for “all that is” returning.  Passing through the Sonoran desert, majestic saguaro cacti and rolling mountains filled my “energy tank”, breathing life into my soul.  I now find myself taking deeper and more expansive breaths of air rather than the shallow, lifeless ones I’d become accustomed to.

It is the time of year when the desert begins to bloom in all its glory.  What a wonder it is to experience.  A week ago as I left Scottsdale, AZ, the saguaro cacti were budding out with the flowers just beginning to burst open.  I felt much the same way as the cacti, with my heart opening more and more every day.  Passion is returning…

You might be wondering how I could be feeling “awakened” since I’m moving from one desert landscape to another…but it’s more about my making the “choice” to change my life’s direction rather than WAITING for something outside of myself to do it FOR me.

We each make choices on a daily basis.  It doesn’t have to be a geographical change in where we live.  You could make simple alterations to your day to day routine, pumping new energy into a stagnant schedule.  What if – instead of grabbing your morning coffee and running out the door in a rush to get “somewhere” – you poured your morning brew into a favorite mug (environmentally friendly too); picked up the paper, magazine or uplifting book and then enjoyed a few minutes on your balcony or patio?  You could allow the crisp morning air and sounds of the birds chirping to introduce you to the day.  Imagine the health benefits!!  A quieter mind, lower blood pressure, reduced stress to name just a few!

It’s easy for us to slip into the mundane if we remain unconscious… but if we choose to live a “conscious” life… we have the ability to grow, learn from mistakes, be beauty and live a compassionate and passionate life.

What are you “choosing” for today?



~ by ConnectTheeDots on May 31, 2011.

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