Procrastination and Commitment

It’s been over a week since I began my road tour across the country… and I am only now writing my first “trip” blog!  Yikes!

So far, I have experienced breath taking White Sand Dunes in New Mexico, driven through intense storms, witnessed a beautiful full moon with a dear friend in Texas, oohed and awed at the Guadalupe River in Kerrville TX, driven over swamp land in Louisiana and pine tree lined highways of Mississippi.  As I drew closer and closer to Atlanta my heart thumped when passing familiar exits of days gone by when I lived here.  The excitement of seeing my oldest son grew the closer I came to Midtown.  I barely know what day it is since so much has happened!

Most of my friends have asked me “why” I’m taking this 30+ days to drive, visit and reconnect with people, places and things from my past.  My immediate answer is-  “because I can”.  The deeper answer is – I have a deep yearning to explore my inner landscape by venturing through the outer landscape (some that is familiar and much that is new).

The fact that I’ve had little to no internet or cell service along the way is no coincidence…and hasn’t been lost on my inner knowing.  It’s been a good metaphor for my needing to “unplug”.  I am WAY too reliant on technology and staying “in touch”.  It has become a distraction, hindering my growth rather than helping it.  I realize “unplugging” is a real necessity for me at this time.

A book which insisted on joining me for this trip is “The Heart of Meditation” by Swami Durgananda.  Today being the first quiet day I’ve had to myself… I finally opened the pages and knew the purpose of my journey….devoting time to my own personal meditation each day in order to develop a basis for all inner work.  We all “say” we are going to do this…. but how often do we only do it “half way”?  I fully admit to never truly committing.  I seem to have taken procrastination to a new level as well as turning into a commit-a-phobe!  haha   How did this happen?  I used to be the perfect Type A personality… making lists of my lists and feeling exhilarated with every item I crossed off!

Well… the day has now come for me to re-commit to ME… and I make this commitment to everyone reading this.  I WILL put the technology aside each day in order to exercise my mind and body in meditation and yoga… even if it’s only for 30 minutes.

With that said… LET’S BEGIN!  Over and Out!



~ by ConnectTheeDots on July 21, 2011.

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