Inspiration Comes From Many Sources


As winter has turned to Spring I recognize the once tightly closed buds are beginning to slowly venture open to the bright blue skies and golden sun here in the desert.  Those same “buds” of inspiration, courage and passion are also opening within my own “self”.

The warm sun coaxes us out of the safety of the layer of leaves keeping us safe from an early frost or cold snap.  Nature doesn’t have to “think” about whether or not it is “time” to bloom…it just does.  How many times do we as human beings over-think every step we take as we move forward in life.  We analyze every decision to death…pulverizing it like a piece of meat with a mallot!  It is our fear keeping us frozen in winter and preventing us from blooming in Spring.

This past weekend I had the great pleasure and honor of listening to a young man speak who had lived a life of someone twice his age.  He not only survived being a young man who had been homeless and penniless…but he found the strength to dig deep, turn his life around…and flourish!  Talk about rags to riches!  More than turning his life around financially though…he learned from his past choices and beliefs, “leaned in” and is now teaching his profound personal discoveries.

Here are two of the simple yet powerful truths he shared with us:

A or B?  There are only 2 options!  C through Z do not exist.  Anything other than A or B are just excuses for why you are not making a clear decision.  Whatever is before you… either choose option A or option B.  It is black and white.

In the same tone… you are either PRO active or NO active.  Again – A or B?

How many times a day are we given clear choices…but we muddy the waters by thinking “well…if I do this, then it will affect that? and then that will change the outcome over here”… and on and on.  As I listened to Jeremy speak, I recognized how I have done this very thing so many times…each day!!  It was a serious “ah ha” moment!

He challenged each of us sitting in the room to ask ourselves “What is my destination?”  Is it a vacation destination, a home destination, a career destination, a lifestyle destination?  Whatever it may be… take action…be PROactive…and FEEL the thoughts of what you truly want in your life.  Stay on track and don’t waiver in your beliefs!  Persevere just like the “Old Man In The Sea”…and don’t give up!

I went home that day…and chose my own “Plan A”… How about you?  What will you choose today?  A or B?



Photo:  Scott Rose

~ by ConnectTheeDots on April 22, 2013.

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