Tidbits of Holly

Holly believes that her gifts and talents are a culmination of life experiences.  Each “teaching” has added one more “tool” to her toolbox of knowledge in which she can best serve her client.

Born and raised in Kansas City, KS, she spent her early years developing her keen intuition through her close bond with animals – be it dogs, cats, horses, or any other 4-legged or winged creature.  She began competing Hunter/Jumper horses at age 7 in addition to swim team and tennis, always preferring to be active and on the go.

Holly received her BS degree from Kansas State University where she studied Fashion Marketing, art and people.  Her easy going nature allowed her to interact with people from all cultures and walks of life.

It was no surprise then when she began her first business from her beloved Rosewood Farm, outside of Atlanta, Georgia, organizing and promoting trainings/workshops with world renowned horse trainers such as 4 time Olympian- Anne Kursinski, Victor Hugo Vidal, Ronnie Mutch and Linda Tellington-Jones (founder of TEAM – TTOUCH).  Her interests expanded to animal communicators, sweat lodges, indigenous cultures and eventually was led into the spiritual (metaphysical) world of the Shamanic Healing Arts in 1994 with Dr. Alberto Villoldo (Shaman, Healer, Sage and a dozen other books), Oscar Miro-Quesada (gifted teacher and Curandero from Peru), and Dana Robinson (senior teacher for Michael Harner).

Thus began her journeys to Peru and love of the earth based spiritual traditions.  Her work with the heart-centered Inka shamans taught her about the luminous medicine where they healed at the level of the luminous matrix surrounding the physical body thus organizing the body in the same way a magnet organizes iron filings from a piece of glass.

In between the spiritually based teachings, Holly worked side by side with partners in two different businesses as an entrepreneur; growing them to million dollar home based successes.  She actively oversaw the day to day operations, details, organizations and employees – using her many skills to create efficient and seamless systems throughout the businesses.

Mentored by Bob Proctor (of The Secret) she learned to take her natural abilities and positive outlook on life to the next level of “thinking outside the box”… using this knowledge to be even more creative in marketing to new avenues and people.

Her lifelong training with horses as part of a Team, using unseen cues and communication to attain a desired outcome in the show arena, gave her incredible skills which carried over into the workplace with people.

Influenced by her mother, who was way ahead of her time, Holly learned many valuable lessons; always being taught that “where there’s a will, there’s a way” and “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”.  With this attitude – you will be guaranteed that she will do her very best in satisfying and fulfilling your needs – whether it is in business or personal coaching.

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