Choosing Passion Over the Mundane

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The sun tiptoes over the mountain ~ casting a bright yellow glow across the desert landscape… an interesting reflection of my life if I use it as an analogy.

Since my arrival in Las Vegas 14 years ago I have seen how the “light” in me has slowly dimmed with each passing year.  The passion I once enjoyed on my tranquil farm in Georgia was edged out as slowly as watching the grass grow.  So slowly in fact, I have only recently come to understand the extent of my loss.

I made a conscious effort 6 months ago to do “whatever it took” to make a change.   I felt lifeless inside even though from the outside no one would guess.  Can anyone relate?  Did the things that once stirred you appear to have dulled your once excited heart?

With each drive to Arizona this year I’ve felt my Spirit and excitement for “all that is” returning.  Passing through the Sonoran desert, majestic saguaro cacti and rolling mountains filled my “energy tank”, breathing life into my soul.  I now find myself taking deeper and more expansive breaths of air rather than the shallow, lifeless ones I’d become accustomed to.

It is the time of year when the desert begins to bloom in all its glory.  What a wonder it is to experience.  A week ago as I left Scottsdale, AZ, the saguaro cacti were budding out with the flowers just beginning to burst open.  I felt much the same way as the cacti, with my heart opening more and more every day.  Passion is returning…

You might be wondering how I could be feeling “awakened” since I’m moving from one desert landscape to another…but it’s more about my making the “choice” to change my life’s direction rather than WAITING for something outside of myself to do it FOR me.

We each make choices on a daily basis.  It doesn’t have to be a geographical change in where we live.  You could make simple alterations to your day to day routine, pumping new energy into a stagnant schedule.  What if – instead of grabbing your morning coffee and running out the door in a rush to get “somewhere” – you poured your morning brew into a favorite mug (environmentally friendly too); picked up the paper, magazine or uplifting book and then enjoyed a few minutes on your balcony or patio?  You could allow the crisp morning air and sounds of the birds chirping to introduce you to the day.  Imagine the health benefits!!  A quieter mind, lower blood pressure, reduced stress to name just a few!

It’s easy for us to slip into the mundane if we remain unconscious… but if we choose to live a “conscious” life… we have the ability to grow, learn from mistakes, be beauty and live a compassionate and passionate life.

What are you “choosing” for today?



Make the Decision and the Universe Provides

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“People always arrive at the right moment at the place where someone awaits them.” — Paulo Coelho

My friend and author of Aspire, Kevin Hall, posted this on Facebook this morning… and it is so TRUE!  Two days ago I walked into my girlfriend’s house here in Scottsdale and announced that I was making the “decision” to move here from Las Vegas on June 1, 2011.  Within 24 hours the Universe began the “alignment” of my new world!

Over the last several months I have “talked about” wanting to leave Las Vegas and begin anew… but that’s all I did was “talk” about it.  I was stuck in neutral…neither going forward nor backward.  My indecision about making a decision left me feeling anxious and stuck.

How often do you hold yourself back from taking the next step in your life?

How many times do you have the desire to make a change yet you do nothing?

Many of us have a hard time just cleaning out our closet and removing the clothing we haven’t worn in 5 years let alone picking up stakes and opting for CHANGE!  How many times have you wanted to “color outside of the box”, yet stayed within the lines as we were taught growing up?

Make a list of 5 things which keep popping up in your mind … prioritize them… make a note beside each one as to why it interests you so much.  What area of your life do they reside?  Career, Finances, Family, Social, Spiritual, Health?  If this were a pie chart…would you see an imbalance between what you DO do and what you would LIKE to do?

This is where I was just 4 short days ago.  All the things I wanted to do were here in Scottsdale, AZ, yet I was resisting the move to change.  Since setting a date for my new adventure to begin… the pieces of the puzzle are lining up and I have butterflies in my stomach with all the excitement!

As the old adage says “what you resist will persist”… what are you resisting or indecisive about today?



Where Two or More Gather ~ My Cat and I

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It is a beautiful Sunday morning ~ the door open to the gentle breeze, chirping of songbirds and blue sky dusted with wispy clouds.  Ahhhhhh…

As I enjoy my tea and the morning’s read I discover in print what I have always known to be true (for myself)…

“The original Greek term synagoge referred to a gathering of people who met in a public square or a private home to pray or study – much like the word ecclesia, or church, originally referred to a gathering of the faithful.  People themselves form the synagogue or church.” – Full of Grace by Judith Dupre

Since the tender age of 6 I’ve always found myself outdoors riding horses, cleaning stalls on my farm at various times of my life or as I do now…curled up with a good book, journal, tea and my cat Opus… overlooking the mountains surrounding Las Vegas.  This “atmosphere” has always been my gathering place or church.  A place where I find peace in my heart, solitude for my soul and compassion for the world.  It’s a special time for connecting to those I love and care for… such as the touching call I enjoyed with my brother first thing this morning … visualizing friends across the country as they move about their day … reaching out through Facebook, the phone or emails to those who touch my heart… as well as sharing my thoughts via fingers tapping the keys of my laptop.

My prayers today and every day go out to those in Japan ~ for healing the waters, land and air of our precious Mother Earth ~ for love, forgiveness and compassion by all.

Namaste ~


Only You Hold The Key ~

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“Beauty and Truth are lost without the courage to hold them.  But one pair of hands can grip too hard, so that the precious slips through the fingers.  Loss and pain, sorrow and will, blaze the rough path through the forest.  Along the journey there is blood, and there is the death of innocence and the ghosts of what might have been.

Each time the path forks, it is faith that chooses the way or doubt that blocks it.  is it despair, or will it be joy?  Can there be fulfillment without risk of loss?  Will it be an end, or a beginning?  Will you move into the light, or return to the dark?

Fear hunts, and its arrow strikes heart, mind, belly.  Without tending, wounds fester, and scars too long ignored harden into shields that block the eyes from what needs most to be seen.

Where does the goddess stand, her sword in hand, willing to fight each battle in its time?  Willing, too, to lay down the sword when the time comes for peace.  Find her, know her power, her faith, and her valiant heart.  For when you look on her at last, you will have the key to free her.  And you will find it on a path where no door will ever be locked against you.”  excerpt from Nora Roberts book “Key of Knowledge”

I thought I was picking up a “summer read” for the warm weather arriving here in Las Vegas but received much more than pure entertainment.  This excerpt comes from the last page of the second book in Nora Roberts Key Trilogy… and it caused more personal “questions” to arise than the typical sexy beach read could ever possess!

I began asking myself questions such as ~

  • If I hold the “key” for myself, why do I give it (power) over to others so easily?
  • Do I really know my own “truth”?
  • And if so, why don’t I trust it like I should?
  • Why do I trust others beliefs/perceptions over my own?
  • Why is it so hard for me to stand my ground and believe in my truth/convictions?
  • And on and on…

All of this from a romance novel trilogy!!!  It just goes to show we can learn from any circumstance, lesson, book or person put in our path.  It’s up to us to find the “key” to the meaning and how it is intended to impact our life.

I think this is one novel I may have to read again…this time with a highlighter in hand!

In-Joy!  Holly

Dreams ~ Illusion vs Reality

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Dreaming has always been an integral piece to my personal development and processing of what life brings to my journey.

The last four days of February brought a flood of hidden emotions to the surface of my psyche.  After an intense trip to NYC for family business I returned home to collapse from mental, emotional and physical exhaustion… cocooning into the safety of my “nest”.  On the third day of March I awoke to the most intense dream…full of details, colors, verbal and non-verbal communication, laughter and physical senses.  The dream continued to run through my mind for hours after being fully alert ~

Dream:  I was with a very special friend who was driving my car down a city street (yet the street was 20-30’below the surface as if in a narrow canyon).  As we rode along, we talked, laughed, shared our lives.  The chatter was light and energetic and fun.  Out of the blue he shared with me how his friend’s ex wife had just been released from prison… and then we were back to more lively conversation.  The next minute… the car slowed and bumped gently into a huge dump truck that came out of nowhere.  It was just parked in the middle of the road.  My friend exited our car to check for damage to my bumper but there wasn’t a scratch… It only blocked our moving forward.  There was an increased energy between us… and a deep knowing of how we felt… but we were halted in the middle of the road regardless.  Then I awoke!

A week later the dream is still as vibrant to me as it was that morning, yet as my life has unfolded I understand how pieces of the dream correlate to what is happening in my life:  the relationship between two people (or even two sides of the same person) hidden below the surface of consciousness; the flow of energy blocked by a stalled out yet movable object;  the intense chemistry between two people – seemingly out of control yet unable to move forward; and the ever so popular cliche “a bump in the road”!  lol

During this morning’s meditation practice…my mind went back to this dream.  I was drawn into the concept of two people meeting and “falling out of control”.  Is this what it is like when people describe “falling in love” when their knees go weak at the mere thought of the other person?  Do their normally rational thoughts have no control in this situation?  And how do they react to such feelings?  Do they allow the fear of this “unknown” factor in the equation of life to “block” their exploring the capabilities of finding true love?  Or do they embrace something so out of the ordinary as this once in a lifetime feeling – following the thread to see where it may lead them?

I used to be a very type A personality.  I held the “reins” of life tightly…never relinquishing control…but then the reins were ripped from my grip by circumstances “beyond” my control.  At first it was devastating.  Then I began to understand the journey I was to begin traveling.  My self discovery involved learning to ride the currents of the unknown; releasing judgment, attachment and expectations.  It has been an adventurous 17 years to date but one roller coaster ride worth every minute as I look back and see how far I have come.  That fateful August day in 1993 was the best thing to ever happen to me.

Every single person who has entered my life ~ whether for a moment, a day, a week or longer ~ have brought something very special to me.  I am so grateful for the priceless mementos throughout the years.  Many were fleeting nuggets of wisdom to learn….while others will be nestled in the recesses of my heart to revisit as the need arises, bringing remembrances of love and caring.

It’s been a while since I have written as I felt “blocked”….but it appears I’ve maneuvered  around the blockage in the road now!

Be adventurous today ~ take a step into the unknown and see where it may lead you!

Namaste my friends ~ In-Joy!


Up a Creek Without a Paddle?

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How many times have we heard someone say something “similar”?  How often have you felt like this?

In addition to my own “lost” feelings the last few weeks, I spoke with two friends this morning on the subject.  From all that I have observed over the years along with the quickening of events worldwide, it seems there are many hurdling down the rapids or stuck in an eddy with no true direction.  We have set sail into the unknown.  Even worse still… it seems that those of us with so much passion for others have actually lost our passion and sense of where we are to go.  It’s a lot like stepping into a pitch black room and being disoriented…not knowing which way to turn.

So – what do we do to move through the eddy, regain our course or find our way out of the dark?

I’ve always been good with manifesting my needs and desires.  Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.  Seems simple, right?  Lately I’ve been learning to “do less” and delve deeper into my inner core….searching the cracks and crevices of my soul for the bits and pieces of Life which mean the most.  Rather than looking for activities to “do” over the Labor Day weekend…. I chose to stay home – working in the garden, pruning trees and shrubbery to promote their growth, sipping coffee on the patio in the early morning hours and sharing the peacefulness with my cat and roommates dog.  There was no “hurry” to be anywhere or “do” anything.  I just was… in the moment.

I’ve spent years taking care of others – raising children and husbands; providing support to friends or family in need; fixing other people’s problems or circumstances; only to realize in the end that it was rarely appreciated unless the person I was helping REALLY wanted it for themselves.  I always thought I was helping because that’s the way I was raised.   Now I understand how I was enabling more than being of help.  I also wasn’t taking care of my needs because I was focused on others.  Since this realization I’ve been working to be supportive while allowing others to fix their own circumstance.  This has been difficult to say the least as I’ve struggled with the feeling of being “selfish”.  In the end, those I’ve cared enough for to allow them their journey… have been very thankful to have me in their corner, rather than running the show for them.  It’s been a win/win all around with everyone learning the lessons which were intended by a much higher source (and it wasn’t moi!)

With this in mind, how do we learn to slow down and take in the scenery without feeling the anxiety society places on us about always “doing”, “attaining” or “being better” than the next guy ~ thus allowing us to heal and move forward?

Start with whatever feels comfortable to you:

  • It may be hitting the gym or a yoga class
  • Playing a round of golf to focus on the little white ball
  • Taking a run or bike ride where you can be alone with your thoughts
  • Maybe it’s reading a book that will make you think like Elizabeth Lesser’s “Broken Open”
  • Journaling what’s in your heart and mind daily
  • Simply sitting on the patio or balcony with a cup of coffee or tea breathing in the fresh morning air and communing with the hummingbird who stops by for a visit
  • Discovering new and re-connecting with old friends on Facebook
  • Volunteering at an animal shelter or nursing home
  • Or a million other simple acts of kindness – for yourself and others

The main thing is to pick one and just BEGIN… ANYWHERE…and go from there!  It’s the Journey ~ smell the roses along the way!

In-Joy ~

Drink in each moment…no matter how small

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Every day offers beautiful moments to enjoy… Take the time to notice them, no matter how small they may seem!

Photo Courtesy of Marque Kelsey