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Integrating Social Media Marketing, Your Businessand YOU!


“Using social media for business means actually using it.  This is a communication device, which means people are expecting you to be there, to talk with them, to listen to them.  They expect you to have conversations with them.

The world of social media is another marketing and communication channel, just like all the other channels you already use.  The only difference is that this is a channel where the people aren’t looking to be pitched, sold, or persuaded.  They want you to talk to them, to have relationships with them, and to listen to them.”  Jason Falls… author of “No Bullshit Social Media”.

Social media boils down to this one simple sentence:  Content leads to conversations, conversations build relationships and relationships drive ROI.

Here are just a few of the measures Connect Thee Dots can do for you:


  •  Community Manager for your social media channels – i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn.  Facilitate the discussions, postings and moderation.
  •  Be a Resource for your company – One of the top reasons people will post on your page is to ask a question or get some information. I will respond to these questions in a timely manner or request direction from you. Even if you don’t have an answer to the question, people will still feel that you did your best to help.
  •  Respond and engage the community, even if it’s a “thank you” to someone’s comment.  A big goal of your page is to encourage conversation. The more posts on your page, the more you take advantage of the viral nature of Facebook. The role of community manager is to create a safe place for people to talk and communicate with you.
  • Moderate your page in order to make sure everyone is playing “nice”
  • Measure your progress. Watch not only the growth of your community but the posts that are getting the most interaction.  Click Insights and Interactions to drill down to the Page Post scores. Sort by the Feedback column to watch which posts are the most popular. The Feedback score is the ratio of the total number of Likes and Comments over the total times the post was seen (Impressions).
  •  Create a social style guide with your audience in mind.  Define your company’s Voice and brand image.
  •  Define Social Goals; ask engaging questions or create wall posts that are interesting and educational for the community.
  •  Define/Create Your Voice – Branding is important on social media. Your company should have a “voice” that matches your brand and your company philosophy.
  •  Develop a strategic social media marketing plan.
  •  Website re-design – re-work any areas of your current website for more efficiency, optimal SEO and integration of the various social media channels.
  •  Blogging – unique creative content for you and your community.



I have a great team of experts for the following additional services:


Search Engine Optimization

Internet Marketing involves building both on page and off page seo strategies in order to generate higher rankings and more free organic traffic. This organic traffic typically, converts at a higher rate than ppc and can be very valuable in the short term and overtime.


Web Design and Development

Once you have the traffic you need conversion. The best website design and development can ensure your visitors are motivated to respond to your offer. High conversions come from superior designs and offers. Professional, clean, easily navigated usually wins the day.


Lead Generation

Our team builds great websites optimized to generate inbound leads and more.  Our experts offer free consultations helping you design a blueprint for your success.  Clients frequently see results within weeks of going “Live.”  Our lead generation strategies create visitors from both search engines and social media platforms.


Graphic Designer

Creative and “out of the box” design for you and your business whether it is for a website, social media pages, landing pages, banners, etc.

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